"I've been binging on you for two days, producing a half pint of semen tribute. I LOVE your work."

DETENTION: Being Bad Has Never Felt This Good


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13 September 2016

I run a simple structure in my after-class detention: ANYTHING GOES. Oh, not for YOU, the mere student, the boy with the attitude, the brat that thinks life is all games and you can get away with anything you want. Oh, no.

This time with me is not going to be like anything you might expect – or could ever dream of. You see, you’ve never met anyone like me before. I don’t even know what you and your choice of actions is going to bring out in me… until it happens.

YOU ASKED FOR IT. And… what I say to you in all seriousness very early on is absolutely true: what happens – with me – in this detention room today is going to change your sexual life forever.

You won’t forget me, you won’t forget how I make you feel, and you’re never going to be THIS turned on, in your life, EVER AGAIN. Enjoy it while it lasts…