"If there was an Oscar for Best Performance by a Stunningly Erotic Movie Star, they should give it to you, and then retire it."

Confessing Just How Seductively Evil Your Manipulative New Wife Is


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26 August 2016

I’m not after their money, only their entire lives. I just enjoy DESTROYING entire families. You don’t know that I’m responsible for your wife’s deadly accident… yet. You don’t know that it was all just a plot to get to you… and your boy. You can’t guess what I have in mind for him… so vulnerable, so unassuming. The both of you. Ha!

Your weakness for me… the way I can control you completely with teasing you with my breasts and rubbing your cock alone… is your downfall. You’re doomed and so is your son. I’m going to reveal all that I intend for him: turning into my feminized sissy to probe and play with as I please. And you’re not going to deny me any of that fun, because I have THESE breasts and THESE skilled fingers and THIS mouth.

Do you want to come now? Then, promise me your boy to do with as I please. I’ll record your words just as I did when you shouted that you never loved your wife and you were glad she was gone when I was fucking you… don’t make me play that back for your son…