"You do a great job with your videos, they are a huge turn on."

Come Anywhere You Want; I’m Going to Slowly Tease It All Right Out of You


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16 November 2009

Feel the warmth of my smile? See the devilish curl of my lipstick tinted lips? Does my silence bother you or get you all heated up? I see my effect on you… your temperature is rising with my every move. Your eyes are following my every gesture and trailing the path my fingers draw over every party of my body.

Wondering what’s beneath my dress? If I’m I wearing any panties? How my legs look today or where my long, dazzling silver necklace ends as it plunges deeply into my amazing cleavage? I’m feeling rather naughty today… oh, yes! I’m going to tease every drop of hot cum right out of you.

I’m going to tempt you so slowly, tantalize you so completely, and tease you so sensually that you won’t ever be the same man again. I’m going to caress and love my body the way you’ve always wanted to… and show you ever deep, tight, super closeup view you’ve always wished for.