"I hope that in my life I connect with somebody even half as sexually inspiring as you. I hope everything in your life is as positive as your fans\' wishes for you."

Chaste Nun Instructs You on Sin and Steamy Semen Salvation


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12 July 2009

It is an absolute sin to waste one single drop of your hot and blessed seed by allowing it to fall. Every load of steamy semen should be shot into a mouth to be savored and kept warm. You should build up a massive load this very moment so that when you come you shoot hot jizz ropes and sticky wads of cum. It should be shot directly into a warm and waiting mouth…. mmmmm…. and allowed to swim around the tongue and thoroughly enjoyed.

Keep stimulating your manhood and build up a giant load of hot cum and swimming sperms as I further instruct you. Do not spill a single bit!! Do exactly as I instruct, follow my count, and sample your pre-cum to detect when you are about to ejaculate. Is it time yet? Now, this is what I want you to do…

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