"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing video! I have been disappointed several times before with other "artists", but you always deliver!"

Big Mumma’s Boy Gets an Embarrassing Introduction to His New Life


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14 July 2010

How’s mumma’s newly adopted big boy? Oh, aren’t you the CUTEST! Look at you… I’ve never seen any such thing before: a full grown man just as cute, innocent, and inexperienced as a little boy! You definitely need some coddling. I’m going to be such a wonderful mumma to you!!

Now, those people at the foster home told me just what to expect of you… even your little ERECTION problem… It’s okay. Some boys just aren’t cut out to be men or ever have the confidence or ability to go out with women on their own. That’s why mumma and her hot friends are here! We’re going to take such good care of you…

Now, do you want to hear your new mumma’s wonderful idea? I want to tell you ALL about it… I’m going to take you by the hand and we’re going to visit the local brothel together and pick out a very understanding and pitying hooker for you.

How would you like that? Well, this is exactly what I have in mind, just what I know a big mumma’s boy like you needs….