"I just recently discovered you and your videos. My only problem is - why didn't I find you sooner?!!?"

Luring the Mistress Out of Your Adoptive Mummy


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22 April 2011

Oh, honey, I just don’t know if I can do that! It’s really not like me at all. How could I speak to you in that manner? Say all those mean and terrible things? But I LOVE you! You’re my darling adopted son.

I don’t really mind that you’re a bit of a sissy, a little emasculated, somewhat needy… and I can’t imagine you really suffer from some kind of psychological disorder where you see your mummy as … well, it just couldn’t be! I understand it’s just a fantasy!

I can indulge you if you really need me to. You really want me to humiliate you? Okay, honey… but I’m going to have to stop and give you a big motherly hug and kiss on the cheek occasionally to make sure you’re all right and you know that I truly love you! I just… it’s going to be so hard for me… I just don’t know what acting like that might do to me… it could get out of control.

I don’t know what tapping into that dark side of me might do. I might just get carried away… we both could…