“That personal touch/contact puts you in a league of your own.”

"That personal touch/contact puts you in a league of your own."

Your New Mommy Pities Her Big Old Mamma’s Boy


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7 September 2009

Now, look at you! All grown up – OLD in fact! – and still needing a mommy to take care of you. Isn’t that sad! Now, don’t pout. Big boys like you need mommies sometimes, and as your new mommy, I’m going to make sure you’re taken care of with all those things you just never learned to do for yourself!

And there are a few rules for you to follow. I’ll teach you just how to worship your beautiful new mommy… my ass, my feet, and more! You must always wear a pair of mommy’s own satin panties… aren’t they soft?

Now, don’t let them rub on that little penis of yours. And I don’t want to see you playing with it! We know that you’re too old to use it for satisfying women now… that floppy dick wouldn’t work anyway. We both know it doesn’t stay hard for long!

Poor thing. Now, don’t worry. That’s just not what big old momma’s boys are for. Your job is to be a good momma’s boy…