"I recently watched one of your CEI vids, and you made me feel comfortable with myself. I think I may become a better lover because I'm not afraid of getting a little dirty. You got me to be comfortable to eat my own cum and it's exciting. thank you."

Can I Cuddle Too?


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14 February 2015

Caught in the act of intimacy with her new husband, she cannot possibly guess how much damage the scene will cause to an impressionable young mind or how she’ll be forced to address it.

She struggles to fulfill her new role as a first-time wife and nurturing caregiver as perfectly as possible: so many needs to fulfill, of very different kinds, and she has so little experience in dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life holds. Treating her husband, Kevin, to a special night he’ll never forget, she takes her time tending to his every sensual preference and their simultaneous oral pleasure in—and out—of the revealing negligee she debuts for his eyes only. The last thought on her mind is the possibility of their private moments, dirty words, and erotic teasing being witnessed by David, the young man in the household.

All too soon, she discovers just how much of the sensual exchange David observes—and how his innocent mind assumes he deserves the same forms of affection from the female head of household. David’s questions are blatant and presumptuous, his casual touch shockingly direct and needy, and he cannot be convinced that his relationship with the new woman in his life should be any different than hers with his father.

David just wants to love her and be loved in return. And when her explanations and gentle corrections go ignored, there’s only one way to deal with his growing need and hardening difficulty at comprehension. A hands-on approach is the only way David will learn.

Her Most Taboo of Sex Confessions ~ His First-Time Taboo Experience ~ Their Forbidden Intimacy and Unexpected Taboo MILF Encounter

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell)