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Yes, Please


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3 January 2015

The sight of her is so stimulating, the incidental discoveries so arousing—and they’re all designed for a singular purpose she has in mind.

It all starts with an intimate find in the washing machine, a personal item belonging to the hot young woman of the household. Brian feels guilty for touching them but not so guilty when he’s driven to touch himself because of them. A private, pleasurable moment to himself in the laundry room is only the beginning of the erotic day in store—and maybe even planned–for him.

He can’t even pass by the master bedroom without noticing an intimate glimpse of her, nearly bare, and when he lounges by the pool, the former guilty fantasies dissipate just as she arrives to sunbathe next to him and cause brand new ones to conjure themselves. Is it the sight of her bikini, its unexpected removal, her request to be lathered with tanning oil, or the sudden coolness of the pool water slamming against his red-hot urges as he dives into the water in a desperate attempt to keep himself under control that drives him past the point of no return?

Does it even matter when the erotic temptations are still not over? She leaves her bikini top behind when she walks back into their house and calls him in to join her despite his pleas to be left in the pool, the only place where he can hide his body’s unruly reaction. Forced to reveal the physical proof of what his mind dwells on, he’s confronted with one final temptation: her request for him to fulfill her one desire that she’s found his father can’t.

His Taboo Voyeurism Struggle ~ Her Teasing, Relentless Seduction ~ Their Pseudo Erotica, Forbidden Joining for Her Deepest Taboo Wish

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell)