"I'm a big fan your incredibly sexy mind-fucking abilities. I swear you give me the biggest, wierdest boners ever, and I love it."

Aversion Therapy Session 8: Temptation and Punishment Heightens


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24 July 2009

All right. Are you ready for today’s session? Are you sure? We have reached our eighth session together already. Your aversion therapy and our time together are almost over. I am very satisfied with your progress thus far, and now, it is time for the implementation of even more challenging therapeutic techniques to completely cure your chronic masturbation.

This afternoon, we are going to test your self-control and self-discipline all the more. Meanwhile, your punishment, should you choose to ejaculate at the end of our session before you are fastened in your chastity device again until next week, is all the more severe. Perhaps even painful. I hope you choose to abstain. Well, let’s begin and not waste a moment more…