“Your looks and attitude are second to none.”

"Your looks and attitude are second to none."

Is There Anything Else Mommy Can Do to Make You Feel Better?


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11 July 2017

You know I hate to see you this way: all brokenhearted over some little girl.  I can’t believe she broke up with you!  MY darling boy!  Oh, I want to see you smiling again!  What can I do to cheer you up?  Anything to distract you from those troubles?

Would you… like to do the same thing as last time?  You know… DO IT in front of Mommy?  I don’t mind.  I just want to see my poor boy smiling again!

Or… how about if I just sit on your lap – on the very edge! – while you do it?  Would that be nice?  Would you like to have Mommy straddling you while you stroke it?  I just want to help you.  Can we try it for Mommy?  I think you’ll feel MUCH better…

Oh, yes… I think this will do it.  Oh… Oh!  You’re very good at it… do you want Mommy to make you feel good with my big soft breasts too?