"There's something so much deeper and better about being turned on by someone whose eyes have such life in them. Short version: you really are something special."

After Class Detention for Failing to Come on Command


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13 April 2011

We’ve just covered your classroom lesson in masturbation in “Stern Teacher Delivers Your Ball-Aching, Formal Lesson in Masturbation,” but one of you failed to come on command with your fellow classmates. Who is that in the back of my classroom failing to follow my instructions and blatantly disrespecting me by ignoring my very specific directions.

You’re now staying after class alone with me for detention. Your punishment is to follow my commands by the letter… faster, slower, harder, softer, faster again, stop, start, eyes forward!!! …until I finally release you from your torment and strictest lesson yet by counting down for you. There will be consequences if you come too soon or too late… and a reward if you follow teacher’s instructions this time.

Eyes off my cleavage… I demand your respect! Now, you’re going to take a rough object to your dick… jerk it faster!!