“Wow! You’re so convincing and consistently committed throughout the scene, it feels so real and personal. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do!”

"Wow! You're so convincing and consistently committed throughout the scene, it feels so real and personal. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do!"

Genius Chemistry Student Experiments on His Teacher to Take Her Down a Notch


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30 July 2010

She’s the meanest teacher in all the school: Ms. “Terrible” Tainton, the chemistry teacher. She takes pride on being the most strict and stern, completely prim and proper, and always in control. Her reputation precedes her… and terrifies every one of her students assigned to her class. Well, MOST of them.

You’re her star pupil; no one can deny that you’re the smartest in the class. Ms. Tainton even acknowledges that… which is why she gets so very angry about you acting up in her class, engaging in horseplay, and generally disrupting her lectures any way you can think up to do so. You know she has her eye on you… she knows what you’re up to… she wants you to make something of yourself and is about to set you down for a stern talking to for nearly a full hour in detention. Yuck.

But no one knows just how smart you really are. You’ve actually paid attention in chemistry class, and there’s something very special – and powerful – that you’ve been working on for your science project this term. Sure, if Ms. Tainton asks, you’ll hint at what you’re actually devising and intelligent enough to actually formulate… but she could never, would never, certainly should never DREAM that you’re capable of and bold enough to try your newly developed chemical concoction on the teacher herself. This is your perfect opportunity.

You’ve seen what the result of your science project can do to animals: completely revert them back to newly birthed. Ms. Tainton is your next guinea pig, your first human testee. All you have to do is try to stop snickering while sitting in detention, watching the teacher transforms before your eyes as her lectures turn into giggling, girly impatience, even brattiness… and cooing between sucks on her pacifier….