"You are as kind as you are beautiful. I sincerely believe that you are the definition of perfection. I wish there were more women in the world like yourself!"

Alternative Therapy Serves Up a Hot Dose of Extreme Humiliation


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5 April 2011

Hmmmm… what do we have here? Another pervert, I see, sent to me by another desperate company hoping to salvage their investment in an employee who they’ve found to be disruptive to the corporate work environment. Your file reports that you have been caught leering at your female coworkers, actually attempting to sneak peeks down their blouses and up their skirts, trying to take photos of their asses on your phone… just who do you think you are?! Well, all of that ends here and now.

You’ve been sent to me as a last resort. Believe me, I know this because I am VERY expensive. Now, I have some alternative therapy lined up for you today, a very complex series of treatments. Remember, everything that takes place is purely for your best interest, finely tuned for your specific condition, or in the interest of scientific research… I am in charge now.

To begin, you must remove all of your clothes. Right this moment. Now, remove your hands from your crotch; let me see what you’re hiding there… OH… MY… GOD!!! It’s so SMALL!!!!!