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Bratty Little Girl Punished and Humiliated for Her Naughty Masturbation


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8 January 2010

How dare she! Her mother warned her, directly schooled her on the evils of masturbation and how good little girls never EVER play with their little pussies or fiddle beneath their skirts. But there she is… enjoying herself fully, snuck off to the bathroom behind the closed door, and even trying out her own mother’s vibrator!! My goodness. It’s all fun UNTIL she gets caught.

Imagine the look on this sweet one’s face when she sees her mother walk in on her masturbation fun! She’s in for it this time. She may try with all her might to talk her way out of it, but she can’t make her own mother believe she wasn’t actually doing anything naughty. She’s humiliating herself now with all the blatant lies, stomping of her bare feet, and attempts to explain why she’s shirtless and pantyless.

Oh, but her mother is going to humiliate her in the most embarrassing way… it involves a very public corner of their home and a big brown paper bag labeled and pulled over her pigtailed head.