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You’ve Been Holding Out on Me… I Didn’t Know You Were Hiding a Sexy, Long Foreskin!


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24 April 2012

Seriously! When did you get that thing?! Well, you know what I mean… of course you’ve had it since you were born. Lucky you! I just can’t believe it’s so… well, it’s… I’ve never seen a foreskin so long! It’s so… masculine! So sexual.

You’re… well, how did I not know you were sporting something so incredible in your pants all this time? Why didn’t you tell me!! Well, I don’t know… I just would’ve liked to know… you know… in case. Well, stop putting me on the spot! It’s just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so… can I touch it? Oh, wow! It’s so soft! And loose and silky.

It’s… can I just… touch my mouth to it? I want to… well, I’m totally going to get carried away down here! You can’t tell our friends that I just sucked you off spontaneously!