"Beyond your physical ability, you bring a level of passion, creativity and intensity to the roles you play. Your angelic voice and natural appearance on camera are incredibly convincing performance strengths. You are definitely one of a kind in a world of copy cats and wannabes."

The Day I Fell for Foreskin


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17 May 2018

Wow… what a day.  I had no idea what I was about to walk into: the hottest moments of my life!  You… standing there, caught off guard, with your big dick hanging out.  I was so embarrassed, I wanted to rush right back out that office restroom, and you stopped me.  And that was all the time I needed to realize (I just had to glance down!) that you are actually uncircumcised… that you’re sporting a foreskin!

I’ve never seen such a thing… gosh, I even confessed to you that the other women in the office and I have this little game we play where we always try to guess what the new guy on the job has in his pants.  But we never… well, we couldn’t possibly… and here it is.  Here YOU are!  And I want to see it closer, I want to touch it, I want you to tell me all about it.  I want to watch it in action.

I can’t argue when you point out that I’ve seen you naked and you haven’t seen me… of course, it’s only fair if I take my top off for you.  Besides, we’re totally going to be dating after this!