“You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale.”

"You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale."

You’re a Virgin? I Can Cure That…


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6 June 2017

We’re best friends… you’re so good with women, such a great listener, and so cool to hang out with.  But ALL THIS TIME… I never knew!!!  I had no idea you were actually STILL A VIRGIN!!  I mean… how?!?!

Once I get over the fact that you’ve been hiding that fact from me, I get over it by getting YOU over it.  Well… my friend’s gonna take care of that little issue of your remaining virginal condition.

We’ve been hanging out with you all afternoon, and when you finally reveal your big secret, I don’t hesitate in getting down to business.  I shove you to the floor, sit in your chest, tell you to just relax… trust me… and my girl friend is gonna go to town on your virginal cock while you have full view of my crotch, tits, and my smiling face as I tease and inform you (this is NEW to you, after all…) exactly what is happening to your unaware body.

Oh, yeah, my friend is going to ride you like the whore she is, and I’m going to count down your final seconds of pure heaven…  This is the best day of your life!