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You’re the Next Contestant on Your Favorite Sex Challenge Game Show


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29 April 2010

The audience is roused and ready to go, and you’re as anxious as ever. You braved volunteering for this show, participating as a couple with your wife, and not knowing what to expect from the most progressive, sexy, and watched game show to ever air, a show serving to test the very bonds of your marriage and degree of closeness in your relationship. You and your wife have passed the first round, and your overly confident wife has chosen you to participate in the upcoming challenge, a challenge focused on your very loyalty to her. So far, so good.

You’ve shown that you’re own wife can turn you on, especially with those alluring breasts of hers. You’ve just come, right there on stage, and don’t even feel a bit shy. After all, you’re in the running to win $200,000! All you have to do is resist the temptation of the infamous game show feature model, a professional seductress, and prove your love and dedication to your own spouse by avoiding an orgasm induced by the model herself. At the very least, you have to last out her entire seduction process, her soothing dirty talk, and all of her beckoning and suggestive movements and motions for at least the same amount of time that it took for your wife to make you come before the entire viewing audience.

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