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The Reverse Striptease Come-on-My-Command Challenge!


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27 September 2009

Ah, so you’re ready for a real challenge? A new game for us to play together? Well, let’s get started! As you can see… I’m totally nude for you. Are you growing hard and stiff already?? Good… Now, here are the rules.

I’m going to countdown for you as you stroke your lovely, throbbing cock, and you must come on my command… EXACTLY when I get down to zero. That’s right. You must come exactly when I reach the number zero and ONLY when I reach zero, or you’ll be penalized. Don’t manage to come in the very first round? Well, then I’ll put on one item of clothing… try to come at zero again… not before and not after!

Another round then? I’m going to cover more and more of my body each round, dressing more and more conservatively. That’s right. It’s going to grow more and more difficult for you to come as my beautiful body is covered up. You don’t want to have to wait until the final round to come. Trust me!

Are you ready to begin? We always have so much fun together! Oh, did I mention that if I grow bored, I may be tempted to trip you up and REALLY challenge you along the way??