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You’re Such a Big Help, Honey; I Have to Help You Too!


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24 May 2018

SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE – TWO OPTIONAL ENDINGS!  The ideal scenario is all up to you… the perfect ending to your fantasy fun is completely in your own hands.  Your hot mom is completely innocent in needing your help.  She just needs a little input to decide what to wear out tonight.  She twirls around time and again, laughing and smiling, having no idea what she’s doing to you while she asks if you think those silky, smooth stockings would look good on her toned legs… or if the high heels really show off her assets in an appropriate way… or which dress to choose for the perfect look.

You’ll be honest, won’t you?  After all of that modeling, all that casual, fun, sexy time together, it’s time for her to leave you and meet her girlfriends.  You watch her slip through the door again while you’re left with an erection for the ages in your pants.

Does it all end there?  You with blue balls and left to jerk to all the images you’ve stored up from the last moments together?  …Or did your mother happen to notice your erection as she slipped away and maybe, just maybe, she’s feels so awful about leaving you in such a state and feels she must help you alleviate it before she leaves?  It’s your choice…

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