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The Only Gift You’ve Ever Wanted


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27 December 2016

It’s a cold, quiet Christmas morning, and I’ve really enjoyed watching you, my darling boy, open all your presents.  It’s another year with just the two of us spending the holiday together, another year without Daddy.  …which makes it all the more sad when I realize you didn’t get all you wanted for Christmas.

I try so hard… to give you everything, be everything for you, keep you happy and safe and cared for.  It breaks my heart to see you disappointed and pouting on Christmas.

What can a mother do?  What could I possibly give to you?  It’s too late to do more shopping, but I hate to see you frowning on Christmas morning.

Then, it occurs to me… there’s one thing only I can give you, only one thing so special, so private, so full of love – and happiness.

And I hope, above all else, it will put a smile on your face today…

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