“You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts.”

"You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts."

Your Wife’s Erotic Awakening


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15 July 2020

It’s THE DAY. The one day a month that your prudent, respectful, submissive, deeply religious wife grants you the opportunity to touch her otherwise chaste body.

She knows it’s her duty, as your wife, as she’s been taught, as she believes. She loves you, dotes on you, gives herself to you (once a month)… how could you possibly feel you need MORE?

But you have to ask her to try something new, to be more adventurous in the bedroom. You’ve had sex – once a month – exactly the same way, for how many years now? She’s delighted to receive a gift; she’s not so delighted to see what’s inside.

But what happens when your shy, conservative wife grants your single wish and dons the new item you’ve bought for her… neither of you would ever guess in a million years. Not on God’s Green Earth, anyway.

(To be continued…)