"Your videos are incredibly sexy. The 'playful innocence' type of role suits you very well, and its apparent that you aren't faking it; it really is 100% you."

Your Wife’s Erotic Awakening Part 2


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25 August 2020

Come on, Honey. What do you mean you want to change things up? NOW?? …while it’s been so HOT in the bedroom?

I’ve finally found my inner sex goddess… I thought you LOVED the way we play now. You’ve never come so much. You’ve never gotten SO hard.

I know… I know… IF you really want “the little housewife” back, I’ll give you that… this once. Just wait right there. I know exactly what you want.

You know… I may not give you what you ask for, but I’ll ALWAYS give you what you REALLY WANT. hee hee hee