"I got several of your videos last week, I haven't gotten through them yet, because I keep coming before it's over."

Your Super Aunt Astonishes You with the Fulfillment of All Your Fantasies


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16 January 2014

Naughty boy. I just wanted to see what you’ve been up to hiding away in your room for so many hours and locking yourself away to stare at your computer screen. What could a boy be up to? I should’ve known! I see what you’ve been spending all your time on.

And… I’m quite surprised to find that you have photos of ME scattered about your computer. I… I had no idea you found your aunt attractive. You’re collecting photos of me, secretly, and… what else have you been doing? I’m going to confront you about it. You may think you’re in trouble, but quite the contrary. I can’t help but be interested by your little infatuation with an older woman.

I’m going to have to use that to my advantage and show you just how appreciative I am for the flattery. Oh, and that’s not all I found on your computer. I discovered your other fetishes and interests as well… muscular women? You haven’t even seen your aunt’s biceps yet… Superheroines? Well, I have something to show you about that as well…