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Your StepMom’s Sexy Halloween Costume Has an Unexpected Effect


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4 October 2022

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You walked innocently by and noticed her struggling with her stockings and garters. You couldn’t help but get turned on staring at your stepmom’s naked thighs, tight fishnets, and cute little ass cheeks. When she noticed you standing there and asked you for a quick opinion on her chosen costume, she had no idea what was in store for both of you.

She’s the older woman looking forward to the neighbor’s party, hoping to retain her youth just a big longer and enjoy the sexy season and all the permission it gives… you’re the boy coming of age who just can’t control his hard on, not even for his new stepmom. Just look at that cleavage… those legs… that playful, doting smile. She adores you, she wants to fit in with the family, and she’s so, SO embarrassed when she realizes you’re sporting an erection for HER.

And that’s AFTER you were accidentally locked in handcuffs, you both knowing you’re going to have to wait for the head of the household to cut you free. The story’s going to be hard enough to explain as it is… but at least that hard on in your pants can be taken care of long before HE comes home. Oh, it’s a very HAPPY Halloween!!