"I treasure intellect over everything else. You show intelligence, even in your first, tentative masturbation instruction video."

Your Stag Party Ends with Your Virginity Taken by Your Bride-to-Be’s Hot Friend


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2 October 2009

Hello? Anybody home? Hello?? Oh, my! Look at you! I had no idea you were down there lying on the floor… wow, what a stag party you must’ve had tonight! Did your mates leave you all tied up and helpless like that?

Don’t worry; I’ll set you free. ….Wait…. I kind of like you down there like that. You know, I heard your bride-to-be say that you weren’t even permitted a stripper tonight at your own bachelor party! Is that true? Poor thing.

Hmm… I could give you a little show of my own. Would you like that? I’ll give you a sexy show so you’ll surely not forget the night before your wedding! Well, while I’m at it… and all naked… how about a fuck?

I want to ride you like you’ve never been ridden before… is it true that you’re a virgin? Saving yourself for the new wifey? Don’t tell her that I’ve had you FIRST!