“I never had fantasies until I found you.”

"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Your Sexy Friend Is Exactly What Meets the Eye


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6 February 2014

Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you. The party’s in high gear now… I almost thought you weren’t coming! I’d hate to miss out on spending time with you tonight. I’ve been looking VERY forward to your arrival.

And thank you for the compliment on my… um… “costume.” It suits me so well, doesn’t it? I’m glad you’re able to guess who I am… I mean… “dressed up as.” Come on in. I want you to be very comfortable. You know, we could go upstairs. The guests haven’t discovered my bedroom yet; it’s very private in there and much more quiet. Come on… aren’t you going to follow… what are you scared of?

Let’s get to know each other better… you’ve been eyeing my cleavage all night… and I’ve been eyeing… your crotch! I’m dying to see what you’ve got hidden in there. Mind if I have a taste? I’ll be gentle? I’m …um… known for my “sucking” skills… Ready for the orgasm of your sweet life?