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Your Sexy Social Care Worker Tends to Your Every Need


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18 March 2016

Hello! My – name – is – Miss – TARA. How – are – you? I’m here to take care of you in every way that you need. Let me explain your care package to you in detail. First, my information here reads that you’re incontinent… that’s okay! I will be here to change your nappie whenever needed.

Oh… I see you staring at my feet. Would you like me to sit on the bed next to you and put my feet in your face to sniff? I want to make you as comfortable as possible; we’re going to develop a great care relationship!

Now, I want to continue to go over your care package with you and ensure you understand every aspect and benefit fully. And I will be very proud of you if you can wet your nappy for me to show me how comfortable you are with me. If you do, I would love to see you come in your dirty diaper while you snuggle up to me and suckle my breasts like a good boy. Then, we’ll have to give you a bath before I leave for the day. A very successful first meeting together, I think!

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