“I look forward to sending you more requests and supporting your Super Site!”

"I look forward to sending you more requests and supporting your Super Site!"

Taking Advantage of Younger Sis’s Obedience


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17 May 2022

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She’s so good.  Too good for you.  So, why do you want to make her so bad?  Poor thing has just come home from cheerleading practice, and you’re just looking for any excuse to manipulate your younger sis into doing everything in your wildest fantasies.  When you see that shamed look in her eye, you know you’ve got her.  She’s cheated on her test, and you can threaten to tell your parents.  UNLESS she does everything you tell her to.

You start with telling her to strip… all the way down to her panties and socks.  You take your time, taking a good, long look, and you know you’re threat will hold for as long as you want.  You tell her to sit cross-legged for you… to lie down… to roll over…  You’ve got her right where you want her, grabbing her socked foot and pressing it to your crotch.

Oh, she’s grossed out, but you still have her right where you want her.  She’s not so bad at pushing her sweet feet against your hardening dick.  You tell her to turn around and shove it in her mouth.  She protests, but she’s just biding her time until you finally let her goal.  She takes it all, even your cum, right down her soft throat.  Then, you steal her uniform and make a run for it!