“Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they’re so fucking hot.”

"Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they're so fucking hot."

The Road Trip to Change Your Relationship Forever


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27 February 2015

It’s just for one night, son. I don’t know why they accidentally booked us a room with just one bed. It won’t be too cramped though… it looks like a large bed. I’ll call down and see if I can… oh, they’re booked out! It looks like we’ll just have to squeeze into this bed for the night. It won’t be too bad, really. This is the last night of our road trip and we’ll be at your auntie’s with plenty of space tomorrow, okay?

Let’s just unpack, go to dinner, and then get a good night’s rest. I’ll just change out of my swimsuit, are you still listening through the door? I was so proud of your patience on the long drive today… are you as tired as I am? It is SO cold. You can snuggle up against me if you like to stay warm… whoa! What’s that poking me in the back? Is that… oh my gosh!!

Honey… I… um… well, you’re going to have to take care of that so that we can sleep. I’m so tired… we need to make sure we get a full night’s rest. Um, can you just think of something else and get rid of it? If we can’t find a way, well, I guess you’ll just have to put it inside of me to keep it warm and so you stop poking me. That thing’s dangerous.

Just be still… you must stay still! Oh… oh…. no… no… no… this isn’t going to work. I’ll… I’ll see if I can take care of it with my hand… and… I’m just going to…. just sit on top of you for a second and….. OHHHHH!