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Your Last Road Trip Together Seals Your Relationship Forever


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25 September 2018

Your own mother, so nonchalantly sexy, so sweet, so gentle, and so very enthralling to one she raised his whole entire life.  You can’t sleep beside her.  You wouldn’t dare.  You can’t concentrate, you can’t close your eyes, you just want to watch her every movement.

You know these road trips offer you the only opportunities you ever have to spend just so much time with her, so much time watching her, to be so near her.  You don’t miss any chance at all to peek in on her changing… to notice what happens when she changes the channel on the hotel room t.v. to something naughty after she thinks you’ve fallen asleep as instructed.  You know it’s naughty… the way your mother stares at the television, starts to touch herself, and smiles with delight.

When you stir too much, so quietly watching her without her even knowing, she explains away her actions and excuses herself to the bathroom.  You follow her again, see her in poses you never even imagined, and sneak back to the bed fast enough for her to… find that tent pole you can’t possibly hide under the covers.  It’s going to have to be dealt with… you both need your sleep… eventually.

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