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Your Physical Education Teacher Notices Your Disgusting Sneaker Fetish


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20 July 2011

Class, pay attention please. We have a big routine to get through today, and we haven’t even begun. First, we’ll stretch and limber up. Everyone remember the new techniques and moves we learned yesterday? Who would like to help me demonstrate them for the whole class?

You… in the front row. I’ll volunteer you. Now, show the class the full stretch, head to toe, and please don’t mind my tennis shoes I just removed… or my bare feet. Class, feel free to remove your shoes as well. You’ll get a deeper stretch. Now, go ahead, and demonstrate for us… very good!

Again… and again… AND… wait! Did you just hesitate while you were down there with your nose next to my sweaty shoes? No… it can’t be! Class, we have a genuine shoe fetishist in our midst! Go ahead now. Smell your teacher’s sweaty shoes… and you might as well sniff between my toes while you’re at it.

Take a DEEP breath. ENJOY it… while everyone watches. Ignore the snickering… Is that a cum stain on your gym shorts?!?!!