"You are so wonderful in all the things you do, and you do work so hard on your clips and for your fans."

Your Personal Girlfriend: Tucking into Bed for the Perfect, Loving Ending to a Long Day


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12 December 2014

We are PERFECT for each other. You know why? Because every moment together is fun and enjoyable, we’re always laughing and joking around, and I know you love me as much as I love you. It’s in our every interaction, even our bedtime routine. Well, it’s never quite routine.

Sometimes, I’m feeling a bit “spunkier” than usual, a bit more playful, smiling brightly, and after asking about your day, I may just know what you really need: a nice, intimate handjob… a bit of tease and stroking under the covers, our eyes looking into one another’s, a big, private smile on my face just for you.

I see the way you’re looking at my cold nipples when I slip out of my bra and pull my soft, thin pajama t-shirt over my bare breasts. Maybe I’ll use that to further relax you. My, my nipples ARE hard tonight, aren’t they!

I know just how to make the man I love forget all about a tough day at work and all his other woes. Together, you and I make all our other cares go away: the perfect relationship… YOUR perfect girlfriend.