"Virtual sex with you is just incredible and for me has been more stimulating then actual sex, that's how good your are, girl! You have talked me to some of the greatest orgasms of my life."

Your Personal Girlfriend: Getting Ready for Bed with a Spontaneous Sexy Stress Reliever


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18 September 2011

It’s bedtime. You know, the time of night when, no matter how long or hard the day has been, you and I make time for each other. It’s just you and me. Our time. Now, stop with the teasing. You know that just makes me… well, laugh. You’re so funny. I know what you mean when you give me a hard time with that certain grin on your face. I know what you’re thinking. You are really, really into me.

I love it when you watch me get dressed at the end of the day. I love it when you’re curious about everything that makes me who I am. And I know that look in your eye. Oh, yes, I do. I know that if I just return it… you’ll let me have my way with you. I can’t resist. We’re alone. Magic happens when we’re together.

You know how I feel when you rest your hand on my breasts; you can’t resist when I’m wearing such a thin, soft top. Go ahead; touch me. I’m all yours anyway… make me feel REALLY good. I’ll take over and ride you to a blissful state… perfect for sleeping. You know how much I love you… I love to prove it to you in every way possible.

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