"You take me to places physics don't allow and by bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, give my wife pointers on role play she is beginning to employ in our sex life. Thanks so much for taking this fetish in your stride."

Your Personal Girlfriend: When You Want It, So Do I


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1 August 2017

Uh, I can’t believe you interrupted my reading!!  How am I supposed to ever get through a whole chapter with you around?!  You’re insatiable.  And I know what you want… It’s written all over your face!

But… you know I want it too.  Hee hee  I always do!!  But you just have to keep teasing me, and you know that when you say I’m sexy I just get all shy!  Stop it… No, really.  You’re just going to make me want to tease you back.

AND, since you rudely interrupted my reading time, I get to choose how we do it!!  Hmmm…. I think I want you to just come over here and TAKE ME with your hot cock!!!  Mmmm…. I love you (and your cock…) so much!!!