"First and foremost, let me say... why aren't you a professional actress? You could truly be a great one, not that I don't appreciate your current line of work..."

Your Personal Girlfriend: When You Want It, So Do I


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1 August 2017

Uh, I can’t believe you interrupted my reading!!  How am I supposed to ever get through a whole chapter with you around?!  You’re insatiable.  And I know what you want… It’s written all over your face!

But… you know I want it too.  Hee hee  I always do!!  But you just have to keep teasing me, and you know that when you say I’m sexy I just get all shy!  Stop it… No, really.  You’re just going to make me want to tease you back.

AND, since you rudely interrupted my reading time, I get to choose how we do it!!  Hmmm…. I think I want you to just come over here and TAKE ME with your hot cock!!!  Mmmm…. I love you (and your cock…) so much!!!