"The length of the clips is great! They allow the story¬Ě to be told and us to get worked up! Nothing worse than clip that is only a few minutes long - you can't get involved, so what's the point!"

Your Personal Girlfriend: Let’s Fool around and Fall Back Asleep


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15 August 2011

Come on, baby… now, really??? I’m so sleepy… Can’t we just sleep in for a bit? Hee hee hee… don’t poke me! I’m trying to ignore you… politely. I’m so tired! What? What is it really? That’s so urgent?

Oh… I see!!! It’s staring right at me. Can’t you take care of that pitched tent yourself? Ah, come on, give a girl a break. If I take care of you, will you let me go back to sleep and laze away the morning?

Put your big hands on my bare breasts… want a peek beneath my panties? No, just a tease for now! And let me get to work on that urgent “issue” of yours… oh, you’re so lucky to have me in your life!!

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