“You are wonderful, Tara, and as long as you are making videos I will continue to support you.”

"You are wonderful, Tara, and as long as you are making videos I will continue to support you."

Your Lude StepMom Takes Every Advantage of You Via a Bit of Teasing Sex Ed


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8 September 2010

She’s really after you this time. All it takes is her strong sexual desire and… well, you’re just right THERE. You’re in your prime, always available, so tempting to tease… and your father is often away on business leaving your stepmom all alone to fulfill herself and her womanly needs. Oh, but her parental sensibilities are very present, her sense of responsibility is still there.

She just wants to be near you, or so she tells herself. But she’s so goddamn horny! It’s excruciating, her pussy is all sopping wet, and she almost believes herself that she actually only wants to educate you about the teasing ways of women and the naughty intentions of your stepsister. She’s not even fully aware of her own ulterior motive, that she intends to seduce you, that she’ll end up revealing her wet, bare pussy to you, her fully nude body, and won’t be able to stop herself from masturbating to orgasm right in front of you, lying right there next to you, as she’s completely taken by her animal urges.

In that sweet but stern voice of hers, she’ll insist she remedy the “situation” she’s caused and tend to your poor hard dick that’s standing painfully erect. She voices concern and offers precisely the excuses that you’ll believe so that she can get all the closer to what she ultimately wants… to feel you inside her. To ride your masculine form in its prime and grind away on you until you’ve both come together.

“Don’t worry,” she assures you. “And no matter what, don’t tell your father.”