"The quality of your clips is insanely good."

Your Seductive Aunt Takes Advantage of Having You All to Herself


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14 December 2021

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, is the party over already? Where is everyone? I must’ve passed out during all the festivities! Oh, do you think your aunt threw a great party? Mmmm… I don’t know what I got up to last night; I don’t remember a thing! My party dress and stockings are all astray… oh, I must look like an absolute mess to my wonderful nephew! Do I?

Hmmm… did you realize you’re sitting beneath the mistletoe? It looks like someone has a very special kiss coming… don’t be shy! I’ll just give you a gentle peck right on your mouth… and maybe go in for more! Oh, you know you liked that. Didn’t you? I think it’s quite suspicious that we’re the last two here, all alone together. Did you plan this? My naughty nephew… Do you realize you’re STILL beneath the mistletoe??

Would you like me to kiss you… somewhere else? Oh, you don’t mind at all, do you? Can’t possibly resist? No, why should you? There’s no harm here… You want it, I want it… your body is giving in… Mmmmm… I think I deserve a spanking now? Want to smack your auntie’s bum?

Go ahead; I’ll lift up my dress for you… oooh, you’re only making me want more! So much more!! And after I’ve had my way with you in so many ways, you dirty, big-cocked nephew of mine, you better promise not to tell a single soul! Then, I’ll let you have more…