"I have bought a couple of your clips and was blown away by how engaging, intelligent, witty and insightful you are. Add that with your extreme beauty and that makes for a deadly combination."

A Girl Has Her Needs!


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11 July 2019

Are you SURE you don’t want to just hop in the pool with me?? But the water’s so warm… we’ll have fun… you and I, while your father’s away. I just… I’m just going out of my skin, you know? I need… well, you know why your father married me, right? Oh, come on. You must know. You’re a clever boy.

Well, of course, there are lots of reasons why your father wanted me so much, but… there’s one particular one… your father just absolutely loves it about me. You see, I need a LOT of sex. And… gosh, it’s been SO long since I’ve had any! Your father’s been away for so long, he’s not going to be back soon, and I’m… I’m… I’m just going nuts without him!

He wouldn’t want me to be neglected, not when he loves my strong sexual desire so much. No, he would want you to take care of me while he’s gone. Yes, he would! He knows I need it. He wouldn’t want me to suffer on his behalf. I just… I have to have COCK!

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