“Wow! You’re so convincing and consistently committed throughout the scene, it feels so real and personal. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do!”

"Wow! You're so convincing and consistently committed throughout the scene, it feels so real and personal. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do!"

Your Hot Babysitter Persuades You to Play a Very Grownup Game for Two


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2 December 2009

Oooh, it looks like your parents are finally gone! Now, what should we do? Oooh, I wanna get out of this prim and proper outfit… fooled them, didn’t I? Ha! Hmmm… how old are you? You look too old for a babysitter. And you’re so cute!

Now, what have you always wanted to do when your parents are out, hmmmm? Oooh, is this their room? Come check it out with me! Oh, don’t be such a square. They won’t know; they’re gone! Now, I know why you need a babysitter… you need to learn how to live a little!

Oooh, I can think of a game for us to play. Are you up for it? How about hide-and-go-seek? Mmmm, but I’ll make it much more fun, especially for a grown boy like you. I have some candy in my purse… would you like some? Well, I’m going to HIDE it somewhere while you cover your eyes and then you have to look for it, okay? Keep looking… I’ll give you hints… oh, it’s right in front of your face! And YOU have to reach between my breasts for it… that’s it.

Now, it’s YOUR turn. Hmmm… did you hide it in the back of your pants? Behind your ear? Just let me look… Hmmmm… is it… oh, it is! I feel it in your pants!! Now, you’re getting the hang of this game. You know, I would love to see what ELSE is hiding in your pants. If you show me, I’ll show YOU something very special. How does that sound?

Oh, isn’t this a fun game! It’s too bad that I’m not allowed to touch you, but you can touch yourself for me, okay? That’s it… you don’t want me to report back to your parents that you were a bad boy, do you? Don’t worry. We’re all alone, and your parents will never, ever know…