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Your Gilfriend’s Little Sister Works to Win You Over as Her Holiday Prize – Part 1


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17 December 2009

When you knock on your girlfriend’s door and are beckoned inside by a sweet, young sprite, you can’t believe your eyes. Is it her? Oh, my! She’s all grown up! And, oh, how she’s filled out in all the right places. She has curves that could stop traffic. And she remembers you!! It’s your girlfriend’s younger sister, totally of age, and very much a woman now. Wow!

She’s so full of confidence, just bubbling with energy, and so… friendly. But it feels wrong just to be standing in your girlfriend’s living room with her, so wrong to feel your dick in your pants beginning to squirm, so wrong to notice that your girlfriend’s younger sister is the one with the bigger set of luscious tits.

She’s so cute, completely innocent, and you feel it would be impolite not to oblige her when she points out that you’re both standing under the mistletoe. It is Christmas after all. Traditions are important… and your cock is all ready to start one with your girlfriend’s younger sister.

She taunts you and teases and… did she leave her bedroom door ajar on purpose as she said her goodbye to you for the evening but can be heard, just audibly, talking about you and all of her sexy plans…