“Something about your voice is just really inviting… and encouraging, perhaps because you are so nice off camera as well.”

"Something about your voice is just really inviting... and encouraging, perhaps because you are so nice off camera as well."

Your Gilfriend’s Little Sister Works to Win You Over as Her Holiday Prize – Part 2


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20 December 2009

Your girlfriend’s younger sister continues to carry out her plan to get back at her sister by inviting you over. She calls you with desperation in your voice, claiming that she has news to tell you that must be shared in person. Your heart drops as you hear the horrible claim that your girlfriend is actually cheating on you and doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Her little sister is so comforting and understanding, pointing out that you’re now free to experience other women… like her. Poor thing.

She confesses she doesn’t feel like men find her attractive at all. Thank goodness you’re here to comfort her in her time of need. When she wants to know exactly what you find attractive about her, you try to avoid giving away how her very legs and breasts drive you absolutely crazy. But your bulging pants have already given you away, reflected in your EX girlfriend’s little sister’s deepening voice and notably more dominant tone.

When she suggests that you wait for her in her own bedroom, you figure, “why not?” You’re free to have a little fun now, knowing that your girlfriend is planning her formal breakup with you anyway. This is going to be fun…