"Love watching your videos even if some aren't fantasies of mine, your acting really pulls me in every time."

Admit It; You’ve ALWAYS Wanted to Fuck Your Own Sister


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1 June 2021

Oh, hello…. brother of mine. My, you’re looking particularly… GOOD these days. All grown up. More… defined.

A bit of a stud, aren’t you. Getting lots of girls, are you? So, what’s your type?

Oh, wait… I KNOW. I’ve always known. It’s written all over your cute little face. Nothing else has ever turned you on as much. NO ONE ELSE can.

And who can blame you? You’ve grown up having THIS to stare at your whole life. YOU were there to actually see THESE TITS grow before your very eyes!

Yes… I know what you think of night and day, who you jerk off for night and day. Admit it. You want to FUCK your own sister. So… just where do you want to slide it in first??