"If there was an Oscar for Best Performance by a Stunningly Erotic Movie Star, they should give it to you, and then retire it."

Your Desperation Is Music to My Ears


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8 July 2011

No, you CANNOT come into the bathroom! I’m in here! I don’t CARE if you can’t wait, if you feel like your ass is going to explode, or you fear making some accident out in the hallway. It’s OCCUPIED!

Besides… I know what you’re going through. I do. I’m the one who did it to you. hee hee. I put laxatives in your dinner, and you didn’t even notice. Serves you right. It was time for you to suffer a bit, to be forced to beg me a bit, to be doubled over in pain and agony and able to finally focus on what I want!

You’re going to continue to suffer. And you can only earn relief – NOT entry into this bathroom – if you do something specific for me…

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