"I must say I'm impressed with your dedication and openness towards your audience, something like that has sadly become very rare on the internet these days."

Divulging Every Dirty, Disgusting Detail of My Plan to Load You with Laxatives


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27 September 2009

Oh, do I have something EXPLOSIVE in store for you! Should I tell you? I’m going to spike your drinks… drink after drink after drink… with so many doses of laxatives that your entire day (maybe even your week!!) will be ruined! Maybe I’ve already spiked your drinks… Wouldn’t you like to know!

Do you want to hear exactly what’s going to happen to you from beginning to end? Oh, I know all right. It’s going to begin just like this… and by the time all the laxatives have worked their way through your body, you’ll be reduced to a whimpering, sniveling baby sitting in his own messy pants! Oh, I can’t wait to torture you endlessly!