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Your Cruel Step Mom Humiliates You in Pantyhose and High Heels


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10 September 2009

I SAID GET IN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!! That’s right. You better obey me. I’m your new step mom, and I’m taking over. I don’t care what your father says, you will do everything I tell you to. Do you hear me?!?!

Look me in the eyes! And don’t slouch. I have some new rules for you, starting with how you will do all my laundry, wash my dirty underclothes, and you will clean my shoes for me by LICKING them each and every day. That’s right. Get on the floor!

I want you to practice right now. Lick my high heel shoes until they shine! And now, this pair… nice and fuzzy so it sticks to your tongue when you give them a good oral washing. Now, smell my pantyhosed feet… right between the toes!

Now, get up! Get up now! You’re no longer a real member of this family. You’ll be treated like the family DOG! And there are more new rules…

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