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Your Babysitting Auntie Invites You to Eat Your Cum


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11 March 2011

Your sweet auntie is looking after this evening while your mum is out. You don’t really have an opinion about it either way. All you want is a little private time before going to bed… a little grownup “alone time.”

Maybe you do think of your big breasted auntie while flipping through the pages of that girlie magazine while tucked into your cozy bed. Maybe you forget you’re related to that hot older woman at all. Does she think of you as well?

No, you’re just a young boy. She probably doesn’t even realize you’re old enough for erections yet, doesn’t realize you think she’s sexy, doesn’t realize you’d positively explode if she happened to enter your bedroom, catch you masturbating to pornographic images, and actually ENCOURAGE you to enjoy the site of her big naked breasts and ass while you finish shooting your load all over them… only to be encouraged – to actually have been seduced into promising – to taste your own cum left dribbling down your sweaty hands.

No, there’s no way that could ever happen.

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