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Auntie Teaches You about Adult Sex Toys… But NO Touching!


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18 May 2011

Oh, dear. What have you found there? Is that what I think that is? Now, did you take that from your mother’s cabinet of grownup things beside her bed? What are you doing in here anyway? Goodness me. Now, I suppose I better explain what this is or you’ll just go on snooping.

Now, these things you aren’t supposed to know about until you’re much older, but when girls grow up into women and need a little attention, they sometimes use these devices, uh, toys, to pleasure themselves. Do you know what Auntie is talking about? I suppose I better show you what I mean.

Have you seen this done before? A woman touch herself this way? Now, you can sit here next to me on your mother’s bed while I demonstrate for you… but NO touching! Do you understand? Absolutely not.

Oh, my, you do have a bit of an erection there, don’t you. Now, you can take care of that and touch it if you need to while I’m doing this… but DO NOT touch your Auntie!