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Your Angry Aunt Confronts You about Getting off on her Smelly Slippers


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24 December 2009

What?!@ Are you licking your lips staring at my dirty smelly house slippers?! Oh, I knew from the moment you were born to your mother and father that something was terribly wrong with you. I knew you’d grow up to be a pervert! Such a nasty little nephew of mine. You disgust me!

I know what you do with my fuzzy slippers when you think your aunt isn’t aware. Oh, yes! Do you know what I do with naughty little nephews like you? Do you want me to inform your parents of just what you do?! I think not!!

I’m going to make sure you never forget this day in your small and meaningless life. I’m going to stink and smother and force that horrible habit and fetish of yours right out of you! ….right through your jerked cock!!